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About OneMap

OneMap is the authoritative national map of Singapore with the most detailed and timely updated information developed by the Singapore Land Authority. There are also many useful day-to-day information and services contributed by government agencies.

Our basemap collection is available in different colour schemes to suit any purposes.

Coordinate System

EPSG:3857 (WGS 84/Pseudo-Mercator)
Widely used by Web Services such as Google Maps and OpenStreetMap

Tool Box

OneMap leverages on open-source tools in development of maps and in serving of maps to user with our dedicated server.


Our maps are served at a higher performance by taking advantage of utilities found in SQLite for solving duplicate imageries.

Map Links

Type Links
XYZ https://www.onemap.gov.sg/maps/tiles/Default/{z}/{x}/{y}.png
XYZ (HD) https://www.onemap.gov.sg/maps/tiles/Default_HD/{z}/{x}/{y}.png
Tile JSON (HD) https://www.onemap.gov.sg/maps/json/raster/tilejson/2.2.0/Default.json
Mapbox Style (HD) https://www.onemap.gov.sg/maps/json/raster/mbstyle/Default.json
WMS https://www.onemap.gov.sg/maps/service?REQUEST=GetCapabilities
WMTS https://www.onemap.gov.sg/maps/wmts/1.0.0/WMTSCapabilities.xml


Try our map in 3 steps!

  1.  Copy the source code below.
  2.  Paste the code in a text editor
  3.  Save it as a .html file
Default (XYZ)
Default (TileJSON)
Default (WMS)